Okay. So you want to script. I get it. Everyone wants to. But, if you want to script, you have to start small. The first thing you need to do, is perform a test. so. First, Open up Output. If you don't know how to open it, this GIF will show you.

How To Open Output

After that, you want to next open Explorer:

How to Open Explorer

Lastly, you want to open Advanced Objects:

How to Open Advanced Objects

Now, In explorer, you should see the following:

Click on workspace. Do NOT click on the arrow next to it. After that, inside the Advanced Objects panel, find script, and double click on it. Suddenly, your window changes. The following text pops up:

print 'Hello World!'

Delete that, and replace it with the following:


Now, play it. The GIF below will tell you how. Also, don't mind that my script menu is black, I just edited it. It works the same as yours does.

How to Play game

If your play button is a green arrow, heres how to fix that:

How to fix green arrow

And now play your game. Go into output. Now watch it, wait 3 seconds. And boom, it says "Hi!" in the output. That is the basic. you can use prints for many reasons such as if something works print this. What's nice about the output is you can also find errors in red text.

If you want to know what we just did, Here is an api list. it contains all of the objects in roblox that you can build with.